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Integrated tumble dryers

Things to consider when choosing your new integrated tumble dryer

Measurements and fittings

  1. Integrated tumble dryers – designed to be installed within a kitchen unit – can be pricier than freestanding appliances. They can also be slightly smaller than freestanding machines, with dimensions of around (H) 85cm x (W) 60cm x (D) 53cm.
  2. Semi-integrated tumble dryers – have a visible control panel, with the dryer drum hidden behind a door. You’ll need a door panel from your kitchen supplier to match your kitchen units.


Tumble dryers come in a range of different drum sizes. Larger drums – usually 9kg or above – give the laundry more room to tumble during a cycle, which prevents creases forming in clothes and helps everything to dry properly. If you need a smaller drum size, 6kg or 7kg capacities are available.

Drying programmes

Anti-crease programmes are available in some models, and you can also find gentle programmes that slowly tumble laundry. Selected tumble dryers even have anti-allergy programmes that remove irritants and bacteria from your clothes. Sensor drying is an option with some tumble dryers, which calculates a unique drying time for each load.

Energy rating

Tumble dryers have energy ratings that range from A+++ to C, with A+++ being the most energy efficient. Check the specifications of your replacement options to make sure you get the energy efficiency you’re looking for.