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Integrated dishwashers

Things to consider when choosing your new integrated dishwasher


There are three kinds of integrated dishwashers available:/p>

  1. Standard – fully covered by a cabinet door.
  2. Semi-integrated – partially covered by a door so the front-facing display is visible.
  3. Slim line – fully covered by a cabinet door and are designed for smaller spaces.


The height of standard and semi-integrated dishwashers is around 82cm – be sure to measure your current model top to bottom for an accurate comparison. When it comes to width, slim-line models usually measure at 45cm, while standard and semi-integrated models have a width of 60cm.

Most integrated dishwashers have a depth of 55cm, as they are built to have the same depth as standard kitchen worktops. When measuring your current model back to front to find the depth, leave around 3cm of extra space behind the dishwasher for any pipes and connections.

Place settings

The internal capacity of a dishwasher is measured in place settings; 10 place settings holds enough plates, bowls, dishes, cups, glasses and cutlery for 10 people. Slim-line dishwashers have capacities ranging from 9 to 12 place settings, while standard and semi-integrated dishwashers have 13 to 14 place settings. Some models come with 15 place settings or more.

Pre-rinse and intensive wash

Pre-rinse cycles help to loosen food stains before the main wash. Some models also have intensive washes using powerful jets of water and higher temperatures to remove stains. Others come with intensive zones that target certain heavy-duty stains but ignore other areas of the dishwasher.

Energy rating

Energy ratings for dishwashers range from A+++ through to D; A+++ being the most energy efficient. Check the specifications of your replacement options to see what is available to you.