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Things to consider when choosing your new freezer


Freezer capacity is measured in litres, with 18 litres being the equivalent of one bag of shopping. For example, a 150-litre freezer will give you enough room to store 8 shopping bags. Up to 350 litres is ideal for medium-sized households, holding up to 19 shopping bags of food, and anything above that is suitable for larger households.


Under-counter freezers sit under your worktop out of the way, while built-in models are hidden in a cabinet, often behind a door. Upright freezers stand proud in your kitchen and are usually much taller than built-in alternatives.


Some models have a special fast-freeze setting, allowing you to keep your frozen foods fresh after being at room temperature. It works by rapidly reducing the temperature in the freezer whenever you enable it.

Frost free

Frost-free technology means that cool air is passed evenly throughout the freezer, preventing a build-up of ice.

Energy rating

Freezer energy ratings range from A+++ to D, with A+++ being the most energy efficient. You can check the energy ratings of your replacement options by comparing specifications.