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Things to consider when choosing your new cooker


Freestanding cookers come in 3 standard widths: 60cm, 55cm, and 50cm. They are usually around 90cm tall and 60-65cm deep, and are designed to sit snug with your work counters.

Alternatively, worktop cookers are good for space conservation, and range cookers offer larger capacities.

Fuel types and functions

While there are gas and electric cookers, some actually offer both – an electric oven and gas hob for example, known as a dual fuel appliance. LPG-convertible models allow for gas cookers in areas without a gas connection, but conversion kits are often required for these to function. Check the specifications carefully when comparing cookers to make sure you get what you need.

In terms of functions, basic models will usually have standard temperature controls, while more sophisticated cookers can come with options like fan grilling, top-and-bottom heat, and multi-function capabilities.

Cleaning types

The three most popular cleaning types are:

  1. Pyrolytic – The programme heats the oven to around 500°C to burn off grease.
  2. Catalytic – The special lined surfaces absorb grease, which then breaks down when you cook above 200°C.
  3. Easy-clean enamel – Makes it easy to wipe surfaces clean.